Why advertise with us?

Our unique platform allows you to target a very specific target market, which makes us different from many other apps. We have a 100% (University & College) student user base so if this is the target you need to reach or a market you would like to get into, now is your chance!

How do we advertise?

Promotions on our app are designed to be integrated into the app so that it is part of the user experience. We use the promotions to suggest places to meet up and hangout for students. Not only that, students may use filters to search for things to do depending on their preferences. The best part is when they find a promotion they like, its very easy to share with all their friends.

As a team, we aim to create partnerships that will provide users with exclusive promotions while also giving businesses the opportunity to advertise on our developed mobile application.

Contact us if you and your business or corporation would like to discuss partnerships or advertisement deals that can bring change to students.

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